Multisport Wheelchair

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Versatile initiation equipment designed for many sports activities at low cost !

• Durable frame.
• Color-coded by size.
• Quick release wheels.
• Adjustable backrest and footrest height.
• Removable toe-guard to suit your sport.

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Strong and sustainable, our Multisport wheelchairs feature an anti-tip wheel and a removable toe-gard.
The inclination of the wheels allows fast and easy propulsion while guaranteeing a high reactivity in turns.
Adjustable backrests and footrests are designed to accommodate as many users as possible.

We propose this Multisports wheelchair from child size to XL size.

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Among its many qualities, our Multisport wheelchair is a versatile tool among the most economical on the market, so feel free to contact us for additional information or for a personalized quote.


With toe-gard (provided with all our multisport wheelchairs)
Basketball, Rugby league or all other activity where collision may take place and toes need to be protected.


Without toe-gars (removable if needed)
Tennis, Badminton, Dancing and any other activity appropriate to the design.

Technical info

Seat width to order30 cm, 35 cm, 40 cm or 45 cm.30 cm
adjustable seat depth25 cm, 30 cm & 35 cm.30 cm
Adjustable backrest height25 cm, 30 cm & 35 cm.25 cm, 27,5 cm & 30 cm
Adjustable footrest height45 cm, 47,5 cm & 50 cm.From 13 cm to 42,5 cm
Camber rear wheels15°15°
Rear wheels26''x1''
Quick release system.
36 spoke aluminium rims.
Quick release system.
36 spoke aluminium rims.
mini castor wheelsAdult & junior : 3'' rotative wheel with aluminium folk.
anti-tip wheelAdult & junior : 3'' rotative wheel.
Height adjustment (0-20mm).
Nylon upholstery backrestAdulte et junior : Tension adjustable straps, water resistant
SeatAdult & junior : 5 cm height foam cushion, with nylon upholstery
StrapsAdult & junior : 4 straps included : ankle, knee, foot et lap
FrameAdult & junior : Thin and light aluminium tubes
WeightApprox : 13 kg.Approx : 12 kg.



SizeSeat widthColorsSettings
Junior30 cmSilver3 levels of backrest height and multiple levels of footrest adjustability
Small30 cmGreenBack rest and footrest

3 levels adjustability
Medium35 cmRed
Large40 cmBlue
Extra Large45 cmBlack









Package with a Multisport wheelchair  pre-assembled
• 1 frame pre-assembled
• 2 sport rear wheels
• 1 removable toe-gard 
• 1 complet velcro fastening straps (1 hip strap, 1 knee strap, 1 foot strap and ankle strap)
• 1 maintenance tool kit
• 1 user manual


Received package info
• Package dimension, adult equipment : 77 x 71 x 68 cm
• Package weight, adult equipment : 20 kg

• Package dimension, junior equipment : 71 x 62 x 65 cm
• Package weight, junior equipment : 16 kg