A PERSONNAL expErience

Life is made up of happy times and more complicated ones.
We have experienced, perhaps like you or one of your relatives, the desire to come back to a sporting activity, but without the physical capacity and without the material means. To the frustration of a slowed autonomy was added the inaccessibility of equipment, even to try a new activity.
We promised ourselves that if we had the opportunity, we would create our own shop that would offer only quality equipment but consistent with the purchasing capacity of our customers.

A specialized store

In 2013, the choice was made to create an independent shop to meet the vast journey of returning to physical mobility.
That’s why our products respond to the entire sport practice process: from rehabilitation work through couches for health professionals, to the resumption of sports activity thanks to handisport equipment (from hobby to competition and even to Paralympic activities).

Our independance

Actinomie website is managed exclusively by Actinomie team.
The absence of any intermediary allows us to be very reactive in order processing and the resolution of possible issues. 

Our suppliers

The majority of products on sale at Actinomie are European and we reserve the right to refuse a product that does not meet the quality level required by Actinomie.
Being fully responsible for the quality of the products distributed on our website, any possible complaint, made by a customer dissatisfied about an equipment, will automatically lead to a new examination of the relevant reference.

"We believe that using the right tools help to get the best out of your activity"
Brice Parmentier