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Single-tube blowgun, calibre 0,40 inch (10,5mm).
Safety mouthpiece and foam grip.
Blowgun delivered with 12 target darts.

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Blowgun is a precision and aiming sport, whose purpose is to propel a dart on a target by blowing into a blowgun. This activity is open to everyone, individually or in a team and is generally practiced indoors.

Athletes with disabilities will be able to use a stem that meets the requirements of the activity to support the front part of their blowgun.

Many accessories exist to enhance the practice of blowgun, there are for example a multitude of projectiles and targets, and for the youngest, hook-and-loop elements are even available to initiate safetely.

Among its many qualities, the blowgun is an activity known to all and economic to set up, so do not hesitate to contact us for additional information or to receive a personalized quote.


The blowguns are all available with the same 0,40 inch diameter (10.5 mm), allowing with a single model to use several projectiles : darts, Velcro tips, balls, etc.

There are also many length of blowguns available on the market, which is why we have selected for you the three most used lengths :

Length of 122 cm (48”)
Longest blowpipe for extreme precision.
• Single tube available in black, unique colour for this length.

Length of 91cm (36”)
Very good compromise between length and price.
• Single tube available in black, purple or green camo.

Length of 61cm (24R