Boccia is a worldwide played game and a Paralympic sport since 1984.
Played for hobby or in a competition purpose, individually or as a team.

Similar to french petanque, Boccia is an easy activity to set up : a set of balls allow a quick initiation, it is also a safe activity thanks to its soft balls and space-saving case.
Boccia is played as a handisport activity, in schools, nursing homes and so many other structures.

Depending of the player level, additional equipment will complete the game. We offer equipment adapted to each level of practice.
Boccia is the second handisport activity after swimming.



The excellent price of our starter sets is ideal for starting the Boccia.
Perfect for recreational activities or more.



Our ranges of balls are historical in the Boccia universe and meet competition standards.
Complete choice of hardness and coatings for a custom and durable Boccia set.
Available in bag, hard case or backpack.



Our balls for the high competition level are recognized internationally.
Reliable and efficient, choose the best for your tournaments, whether you are a thrower or a ramp player.



Some players may need tools to trigger their shot.
Back to the game and according to the instructions of the player, a helper positions the ramp and the ball at height, the player then triggers his ball to get closer to the Jack.



A lot of equipment come to enhance the practice of the Boccia.

Helping for referee, coaching or simply to complete your equipment.
There’s everything you need to refine your set.