Boccia set with hard container


You use to play Boccia and already know your balls hardness ? So this reference is made for you, compose your own set with the ranges and hardnesses you like for your 13 balls and choose the rigid storage that will be perfect for your travels. Suitable for competition.
– See tabs below for more hardness and range details –

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Boccia is a world famous game and a Paralympic sport.
It is played in competition as well as a hobby, in club or school.

That’s why we offer balls for each of these activities !
For Sunday players and champions, for special occasions as for international competitions !

For regular players and those who participate to world championships, we provide a wide range and hardness answering to WorldBoccia (Bisfed) standards.

Contact us to create your perfect set, made up of the hardness mix you have selected for your game, or simply to define together the best mixed in regards to your game level.

(Contact us for custom balls)