Boccia ball checking kit

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Boccia Ball Official checking Tools :
WorldBoccia (BISFedramp to control the ball hardness.
WorldBoccia (BISFed) circumferencer to control the size of the balls.
• Precision balance for free to control ball weight.

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Control tools used at the beginning of the official championship to validate the use of balls during the match.

The gauge checks that the circumference of the ball is 270mm ±8mm.
The test is successful when the ball passes through the large hole in the measuring plate but not through the small hole.

The ramp ensures that the density of the ball is hard enough to compete.
The test is successful when the ball descends along the slope and falls from the plate in a straight line.

The scale checks that the weight of the ball is 275g ±12g.
The test is successful when the weight of the ball is in the interval.

These tools are essential during official competitions, feel free to contact us for more information.

Official tool kit

Boccia Official checking tools to control the circumference, density and weight of Boccia balls.

WorldBoccia (BISFedgauge (official tool inseparable from the ramp) :
Board with holes to control the circumference of the balls.

WorldBoccia (BISFed) ramp (official tool inseparable from the gauge):
System to control the rolling of a ball and therefore its density.

Balance for free

Precision balance offered with the official Bisfed tools.
Accessory for weighing Boccia balls.